To have a great posture can make you feel better and look good. If you have observed that you slouch a lot, you should start working on your posture in all aspects of your life, Even though it would take time to improve, you can utilize brain tricks for you to easily remember the proper posture. Here are some tips you can consider if you want to correct and improve your posture.  

Refrain from slouching 

Slouching can add stress on your spine and it also can strain the joints, muscles, and bones you require to put your backbone in position. However, a lousy posture is not damaging for your back but if you constantly smash your internal organs, it could possibly make it difficult for your intestines and lungs to function. Eventually, that will make it difficult to get enough air while breathing or digest food. 

Stand straight and tall 

The best way to prevent issues of postures is just to stand straight and tall. If you do this, you will feel greater, and look slimmer and better. Imagine that you are measuring your height as you stand against a wall. Tuck in your chin and hold your head straight. Stand with you belly tucked in, knees straight, and shoulders back. Never stick out your hips or booty. 

Prevent the “text neck” 

If you are on your mobile phone the whole day, you should take a break and start stretching your neck. Tilting your head down to read your messages and notification can actually strain your spine. It could get worse over time. To have a greater view, it is recommended to lift your phone up and use your eyes to move, not your head. 

Do not slouch at your desk 

Slouching could be comfortable as you swivel and lean back a little. However, this posture is not good. Instead, try this, you need to sit your way back in your chair, put a small lumbar cushion or rolled-up towel behind the middle part of your back to protect the natural curve of your spine. Then, bend your knees at the appropriate angle and maintain a similar height, or a little higher, than your hips. Ultimately, put your feet flat on the floor. You can also purchase a posture corrector for a handier means of helping yourself improve your posture. 

Don’t recline your seat while driving 

Indeed, reclining your seat on a long trip is comfortable and cool. However, it is not good for your posture. Rather, drag your sear near to your steering wheel. Attempt to not lock your legs and slightly bend your knees. They must be within the level of your hips or slightly above. Never forget to place a rolled-up towel or pillow behind your back for support. 

Do not always wear heels 

Heels might be one of the fashion trends, but it is not good for anyone’s posture. Stilettos and pumps can thrust forward your spine’s base, resulting in the over-arching of your back. That could alter the way your backbone puts pressure and line up on nerves and this can cause back pain. For daily wear, you can select a lower chunky heel instead.